How Far Should You Hit a 7 Iron?

How Far Should You Hit a 7 Iron?

How Far Should You Hit a 7 Iron?

When you hit your 7 iron, you’re probably hitting a mid-iron, rather than a long distance. If you have trouble striking this well, you should focus on ball position. For example, if you are struggling to hit high, you might be trying to lift the ball into the air by putting your club further back in your stance. On the other hand, if you’re struggling to hit low, you may need to move the ball farther back in your stance.

For most amateur golfers, the 7 iron is their go-to club. This club fits between a long iron and a short iron and has many applications. In addition to the many uses of this club, it’s crucial to know how far you should hit a 7 iron. For most women, the average 7 iron is around 80 yards. For the average man, the average distance is around 130 yards. Tour professionals, on the other hand, can hit the 7 iron over 200 yards. The difference between a long iron and a short iron is usually the clubhead speed.

When choosing a 7 iron, it’s important to test out different types of golf club. There’s no one “right” speed for a 7 iron. However, your swing speed can make a huge difference in the distance you hit. If you’re looking to improve your distance on the golf course, you can work on your swing speed to lower your score. Also, when it comes to hitting irons, consistency is key.

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