How Far Should You Hit a 5 Iron?

How Far Should You Hit a 5 Iron?

Increasing the distance you hit with your 5 iron has become more important in golf over the last decade.  Typical PGA Tour players hit their 5 irons 230 yards on average and hit them at a rate of over 100 miles per hour. Amateurs, on the other hand, struggle to hit the ball this far, and often struggle to hit a 5-iron well. 

How Far Should You Hit a 5 Iron?

When hitting a 5-iron, it’s important to be aware of your stance and the ball position. As with any iron, the five iron is considered a long iron and should be positioned slightly higher in your stance than your wedge. This will fix a number of problems related to your swing. Using the right stance and ball position can help you hit the ball further. If you’re not sure about the right ball position for your club, consider taking a short lesson from a professional to learn how to hit the 5 iron properly, this can make a big difference.

The five iron is one of the most important clubs in your golf bag. It’s important to hit this club true and within the designated distance, as this will help you manage your game better on the course. To improve your iron swing, spend time on the driving range, and take note of distances that you hit with each iron. This will allow you to make adjustments accordingly. If you’re not hitting the ball at the correct distance, your ball flight will be inconsistent.

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