About Us

About Us

Welcome to Find Indoor Golf, your ultimate guide to the best indoor golf venues in the United Kingdom! Our mission is to connect golfers with the top indoor golf venues near them, ensuring they have the most fun while improving their game. Our platform allows users to leave trusted reviews on their experiences, allowing fellow golfers to make informed decisions on which venues to visit. With a higher rating and more reviews, a venue will rank higher in our local search options, ensuring you find the best virtual golf at just a click of a button!

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Founded in 2022 by Craig Barnard, a golf enthusiast with over 30 years of experience, Find Indoor Golf has quickly become the go-to resource for golfers across the UK. Craig spent many years working at Woburn Golf Club, a top 100 golf course, where he was inspired by the team of PGA professionals who helped countless golfers improve their game. Drawing from his experiences at Woburn, Craig created Fun Golf, a popular website offering golf advice and tips to beginners. He is also a best-selling author of a Golf Instruction book and has a strong social media presence.

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Find Indoor Golf was born out of a desire to create a comprehensive golfing community resource that lists the best indoor golf venues, whether they are mini golf, crazy golf, virtual golf, indoor golf simulators with multiple screens, or private studios available for hire. What sets us apart from other golf-related websites is our emphasis on trusted reviews from fellow golfers, ensuring you can rely on the ratings and opinions of users just like you.

With over 1000 active listings on our website, Find Indoor Golf continues to grow and expand, striving to offer the most comprehensive directory of indoor golf venues across the UK. Our team is dedicated to ensuring our users have the best experience possible when using our platform. When you visit findindoorgolf.com, you can expect a user-friendly experience, reliable information, and a wealth of resources to help you find the perfect indoor golf venue to suit your needs.

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As we look to the future, we aim to increase the number of listings on our website and expand our reach to cover even more indoor golf venues throughout the country. We remain committed to our mission and values, helping golfers have fun and improve their game one venue at a time.

Thank you for choosing Find Indoor Golf, and we look forward to helping you discover the best indoor golf experiences in the UK!

Start your search for the perfect indoor golf venue today at Find Indoor Golf and improve your game with Craig’s advice at Fun Golf.