5 Ways Social Media Can Grow Your Golf Business (2022)

How do you stand out in a competitive golf industry and make the most of this growing market? Keep reading and we can show you some top tips to grow your golf business!

With golf club membership increasing by 14% in the last year – the third year of growth in a row. Then you have huge investments being made in the indoor golf market, alongside Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy’s TGL collaboration with the PGA. It’s a great time to be involved in golf.

tiger woods rory mcilroy indoor golf pga collaboration

However, if you’re a golf venue owner how do businesses capitalize on this growth to, increase customers and grow your income?

We can help….keep reading to the bottom of the article.

I’ve had many conversations with golf venue owners this year, some struggling to find ways to engage with this new audience of golfers. However, I’ve also been impressed with how creative many have been in their marketing campaigns.

Some of the best examples I’ve seen are running charity events, collaborating with other indoor golf venues to set up tournaments, engaging with celebrities, or even holding wedding ceremonies

If you’re a small venue without the clout of a huge marketing department behind you, idea generation can be a challenge on top of the day to day.

Well don’t worry Find Indoor Golf are here to help, keep reading below for our 5 Ways Social Media Can Grow Your Golf Business.

Run A Social Media Contest

Contests and giveaways are an excellent strategy for engaging new audiences and creating presence to grow your golf business.

Ensure your ask for Likes and Shares!

5 Ways Social Media Can Grow Your Golf Business (2022)

Offer Expert Advice

Golfers love advice from Professionals. If you have them at your venue ask them to use social media to offer tips and encourage new golfers to visit!

5 Ways Social Media Can Grow Your Golf Business (2022)

Encourage visitors to share!

People love sharing what they are doing on social media.

Encourage your golfers to share how much fun they are having at your venue and to @tag your profiles!

This is a great way to grow your golf business!

5 Ways Social Media Can Grow Your Golf Business (2022)

Complete a Brand Audit To Grow Your Golf Business

If you want to be taken seriously and grow your golf business you need to have a consistent online presence, ensuring you have the right messaging across each platform.

When was the last time you refreshed your profiles, with images or logos?

5 Ways Social Media Can Grow Your Golf Business (2022)

Connect with influencers To Grow Your Golf Business

Some influencers in the Golf industry have of thousands of followers on social media, and online!

Could you connect with an influencer to help promote your business?

5 Ways Social Media Can Grow Your Golf Business (2022)

If you’re still stuck for ideas why not download our 13 essential tips for growing your golf business by clicking the link below:

Grow your golf business download tips

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