What’s The Difference Between Ladies Golf Clubs And Men’s?

What’s The Difference Between Ladies Golf Clubs And Men’s?

What’s The Difference Between Ladies Golf Clubs And Men’s?

If you’re new to golf, you may be wondering: What’s the difference between ladies’ golf clubs and men’s? In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the key differences between men’s and women’s clubs and explain how they differ from one another. Men’s clubs are generally designed for shorter players and are heavier, whereas women’s clubs are smaller and lighter. While men’s clubs may look and feel similar, there are some important differences between the two.

The first thing to know is that the club shafts of women’s golf clubs are shorter than those of men. Women’s clubs usually have a shaft that is 3/4 to an inch shorter than men’s, so taller women can use them. The shafts of both men’s and women’s clubs are slightly different. Take the XD1 Women’s Golf Set from Precise Golf, the shafts come in a variety of different options depending on your height. The categories of size are listed as Petite ( 5’0″-5’4″), Standard ( 5’5″- 5’9″), Tall ( 5’9″ – 6’3″).

Are Women’s Golf Clubs Lighter?

The biggest difference between men’s and women’s golf clubs can be seen in the weight. Men’s golf clubs tend to be heavier than women’s, and the extra weight helps them hit a shot with more power. Women’s golf clubs tend to have lighter shafts than those found in men’s golf clubs. The club shafts in men’s golf clubs generally weigh between 55-60g, whereas in ladies golf clubs they weigh between 45-50 grams.

What Is Ladies Flex In Golf Clubs?

What’s The Difference Between Ladies Golf Clubs And Men’s?

Ladies golf clubs differ from men’s by length, grips, shafts, and weight. Women typically swing their golf clubs slower than men and hit the ball a shorter distance. In the ladies clubs from Precise Golf, the shafts have Ladies Flex. This type of flex is specifically designed for women, as designers realize that women tend to swing the club slower than men. The ladies flex is designed for golfers with a swing speed of less than 60 mph. You can also find shafts designed for senior golfers, who swing between 60-75 mph.

In men’s golf sets you will find shafts that cater to faster swing speeds, regular flex at 75-85 mph, stiff at 85-94 mph, and extra-stiff designed for players swinging over 94 mph. It is important to remember that as you improve your game, and begin to swing faster, you can progress into different types of golf shafts. Most LPGA golfers use stiff or extra stiff flex in their drivers.

The size of the club head is also important. For men, the driver is typically the biggest clubhead in the bag with a clubhead size of 460cc. However, women’s drivers are typically the same, with the clubhead the same size – so there is no loss of forgiveness, and you’ll still be able to hit it long from the tee even if you use a ladies driver.

Are Women’s Golf Grips Smaller?

Grip size is another major difference between men’s and women’s golf clubs. Women’s hands are generally smaller, so you will tend to have a thinner golf grip than those found on men’s clubs. However, for some women golfers buying a golf club with a thinner-sized grip may not be suitable for them. To correct this, your local golf professional can add layers of tape to the grip making it thicker to suit your grip size.

Therefore, you’ll see from this article the differences in the clubs are not just cosmetic – they are functional. While they might look similar from the outside, women’s golf clubs are designed specifically to improve their performance.

Can Women Use Men’s Clubs?

As we mentioned with the top LPGA golfers using stiff flex shafts in their drivers, women use men’s golf clubs. Just because you are a woman, it doesn’t mean you have less strength than men. Some excellent amateur female golfers play with men’s golf clubs.

However, as described you should be aware of the key differences between men’s and women’s golf clubs. These are the length, weight, loft, and flex of the club therefore it would always be helpful to get a professional club fitting.

Can A Woman Use Men’s Golf Clubs?

If you are a beginner lady golfer, it is recommended to use clubs that are designed for women. If you use men’s clubs the driver and irons will likely be too long. This will impact your performance on the course, you could find it harder to control your shots and accuracy. However, the biggest difference will be in the weight and balance of the club, this could affect your swing. As you improve, or if you are already a skilled golfer, you might find that men’s golf clubs are a good match for your body size, power, and swing speed. If you are happy with the clubs and can swing them well, you should play with the clubs which make you feel the best and you should be able to hit the ball just fine.

I hope you’ve found this useful. If you want to improve your golf, and see what’s the difference between Ladies Golf Clubs and Men’s why not find your local indoor golf venue?

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