Should You Use a Push Cart? (Golf Tips)

Should You Use a Push Cart?

push or pull a golf trolley

It wasn’t long ago when golf push carts were frowned upon by the serious golfer. It would have damaged your image at the golf club to be seen walking the fairways pushing or pulling a golf cart. But should you use a push cart?

Today though, with advances in how golfers approach their golf, train for the game, and take injury prevention far more seriously, golf trolleys are now an essential piece of kit. 

If you want to reduce your likelihood of suffering back or knee injuries from carrying your golf bag, and ensure you have enough energy to hole that important putt on the 18th – or if you just want to show off your new top-of-the-range golf push cart to your buddies then read on. We will guide you through why you need a golf push cart to improve your golf. 

How Much Do Golf Bags Weight?

So, should you use a golf push cart – one of the top reasons is to lighten the load and strain you put on your back during a round of golf. The average weight of a full golf bag is 30 pounds. This is a considerable weight to carry, it’s the equivalent of two vacuum cleaners. Why would anyone agree to carry two of these around a course if you had the option to push them on a golf cart? 

By lightening the load on your back during your round fitness experts say this allows you to have more energy towards the end of your round. You might need this energy to crush that 300-yard drive or hole that eagle putt on the last hole. 

Push carts are an increasingly popular choice for golfers. They can help to speed up your round as you’ll be able to get around the course much quicker than walking whilst carrying a bag. 

Golf push carts today are convenient, they fold up very compact making them easier to transport and they can also be folded to fit in the trunk of your car. If you choose a golf push cart you’ll be impressed with how quickly they can be assembled. Most models can be assembled in seconds.

Should You Push Or Pull a Golf Cart?

This is a very common question, is it better to push or pull a golf cart. Both methods are equally convenient, but in our opinion pushing a golf cart is generally easier on the legs than pulling it, and it’s much less strenuous than carrying a heavy golf bag. Golf fitness experts estimate that we walk over 10,000 steps, and around 6 miles during a round of golf. As push trolleys are usually lightweight and offer convenient extras such as an umbrella holder, and a space to store your drink bottle, using a push cart can be a real energy saver when you play. 

How Much Does A Push Cart Cost?

When choosing a golf trolley, consider the features and price. Some golf trolleys cost more than others, but they will be extremely durable and are worth the extra money. Some models are packed with great features. They are also light to transport, easy to fold up and down, and the three wheels make them very stable when used on the course. You can find one of these golf carts less than £200, which is an excellent price considering the quality and additional features.

How Do You Choose A Push Cart?

Here are our top three tips we think you should consider when buying the best golf push cart:

1. Think about your car size. Push carts vary in weight and size; they also vary in how small they fold down when not in use. Some models tend to take up more trunk space, it is also worth considering which model would be best. We would also recommend considering where you will store your cart when you are not playing, consider how much space you have at home to store your golf push cart.

2 Consider where you play. This may seem like a very simple question, however, if you play on a relatively flat course then a standard push golf trolley might be all you require, saving hundreds on the price. Whereas if you regularly play on a very hilly course, it might be a better decision in the long term to invest in a more expensive durable model.

3. Do you require any additional features? Most of the best golf push carts come with additional features. Umbrella holders, phone holders, phone chargers, GPS, and some even come with a chair to sit on! So when you’re making your choice of which is one of the best golf trolleys think about what you require to make sure you’re not paying for additional features that you don’t need.

It’s a tough decision when it comes to choosing a golf cart, our tips will help but it’s a very personal question if you need one. It might also come down to your level of fitness. Some golfers prefer to walk, while others prefer to use a push cart. Ultimately, both types offer advantages for golfers. 

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