Should I set up a Home Golf Practice Area?

Over the last few years it’s not just the weather and time pressures which have prevented enthusiastic golfers from practicing as much as they would like to, it was the lockdowns. So, how can keen golfers, looking to improve their game ensure that they get the required amount of practice when the golf courses are shut, or the weather is bad? The answer, home golf practice.

There are so many options for the modern golfer in being able to practice at home. I remember growing up simply putting on the carpet at home, or chipping in the garden. However today, if you have the time, money, and inclination you can spend thousands setting up a home golf studio!

I was keen to understand whether a home golf practice area was worth the time and energy to set up so I reached out to my local Golf Professional Richard Lally. Richard has been a PGA Teaching Professional for over 22 years.

I was lucky enough to be able to recently speak with Richard on the pro’s and cons of practicing at home, and what he would advise for golfers to ensure they keep sharp during winter and lockdown.

Practice Makes Permanent…

According to Richard, most golfers lack practice, the more you practice, the more you will improve, it’s as simple as that. Practice makes permanent, if you put the hours in then you’ll see the benefits on the course. Richard was speaking to me from his state-of-the-art golf studio at Aspley Guise, here he provides detailed analysis of golfers swings and his students have seen amazing improvements by being able to see themselves on video. The instant feedback you can get from video analysis is eye opening for golfers, explained Richard.

Richard has even provided remote video advice to his members and students, if they send him a short video, he’s able to give them some pointers on their swing and opportunities to improve. Another great way to keep sharp during time away from the course.

When discussing the increase in golfers turning to online tuition and YouTube videos to get golf tuition Richard was quite clear. ‘There’s so much great content available now, golfers have access to some of the top golf coaches in the world, however their local pro might know their swing better and provide more tailored advice. More golfers should reach out to their local golf professional.’

Does home golf practice lead to bad form on the course?

In Richards opinion, every golfer should have a net or practice area at home. If golfers are genuinely serious about improving, they need to put the effort in. However, golfers don’t need to spend thousands in setting up home golf practice areas, it can be remarkably simple things at home that can improve your golf. Richard suggests exercises such as putting on the carpet at home and aiming for a penny on the floor, or in the garden, chipping towards a golf tee. Anything you can do when you’re away from the course will help your game, so no it won’t necessarily lead to bad form.

home Golf Practice

Should golfers take a lesson?

Richard would encourage all golfers to take a lesson, this can have dramatic benefits to your game. Richard currently holds an extremely popular Women’s Golf Academy from the golf studio and club’s practice facilities. This includes group sessions, and 1-2-1 tuition. During this academy he has seen a variety of students come through the doors. There are golfers who have zero experience, and are new to the game join his academy, they receive expert tuition, and dramatically improve their game.

What is the best home golf practice equipment?

We’ve spent time researching some of the essential golf practice equipment you will need if you want to improve your home golf practice.

  • A good home putting mat is perfect if you are looking to practice at home. Fun Golf would definatley recommend a putting mat to keep your game sharp in your home golf practice.
  • Next on the list would be a lightweight golf net which would be perfect for your home golf practice. Choose one that is foldable and easy to set up quickly, these are great for practicing your golf swing.
  • Buy a good golf swing monitor, like the FlightScope Launch Monitor. These can be used for practice indoor and outdoors. These can measure all types of aspects of your golf swing. At less than £500 this is a great addition to any home golf practice set up.
  • Finally a chipping set is a must, you can find some that include balls, tee, chipping mat and fold away. If you want to keep your short game in top condition during time away from the course you should include this in your home golf equipment.


Anything you can do to keep yourself sharp in the winter, or during lockdown will be a benefit to your golf. If you put the effort into your golf during these winter months, you’ll reap the rewards in the spring. However, if you simply want to sit at home and binge watch Netflix don’t be surprised when your game doesn’t improve to the standard you expect in the new year.

Also let’s not forget how your equipment can also dramatically improve your golf, so if you’re looking for the best golf equipment and reviews be sure to have a read of my other articles at


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