The 7 Best Tips For Playing Indoor Golf

The 7 best tips for playing indoor golf

So, you’ve been asked to go to play indoor virtual golf with your friends, but you’ve never been before and don’t’ want to embarrass yourself! Don’t worry we’re here to help you with the 7 best tips for playing indoor golf!

Let us know where you go to play, and if we should add it to our list of the best indoor golf venues on find indoor golf!

7 best tips for playing indoor golf

The 7 best tips for playing indoor virtual golf

  1. Make the use of the course maps and planners available. This will give you a good idea for a strategy to play the hole well. You can pick the perfect line, distance to the target and also make sure you avoid any trees or hazards.
  2. Be aware of the conditions you are playing in. When you’re outside on the course you can easily feel the wind direction and you will be able to accurately see what type of lie your ball has. On a virtual golf simulator both wind and lie have an impact on your shot so be sure to assess the conditions before playing your shot.
  3. Trees are not 90% air! In virtual golf trees are a problem. The third tip in our 7 best tips for playing indoor golf is about trees! The technology doesn’t know how to establish if you’ve managed to sneak around the trees with an amazing draw, it will more than likely just hit the tree and ricochet even deeper into the woods! In virtual golf, play it safe and stay away from trees!
  4. Don’t worry about the thick rough! Virtual golf hasn’t quite managed to accurately match the thick rough. You should not worry about hitting your ball into the rough, particularly the long grass, as it will have very little impact on your shot!
  5. Take extra time with your chipping. When playing golf outside you are often better able to assess the feel of a shot and how far you need to hit to get close to the flag. Indoor golf can take a little more getting used to, it might be harder to get close to the flag, and judge how far to hit the ball. We would advise taking some time to practice your chip shot distances when you warm up before your virtual game.
  6. Dress comfortably. When playing indoor golf, you don’t need to worry about any stuffy golf club members telling you that you’re not dressed correctly. There is no dress code when playing virtual golf! You can wear what you like. Be sure to wear something comfortable which will allow you to play well. You can wear soft spikes when playing indoor golf if it helps you get a good feel, but actually as long as you’re wearing comfortable footwear, that should be perfect too!
  7. Have fun. Indoor golf for us is all about having fun with friends, and improving our golf along the way. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself when you’re playing, and make sure to laugh off your bad shots!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading our list of the 7 best tips for playing indoor golf. Let me know in the comments below how you got on?

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